ajeet singh best maths teacher in patna for iit jee

Ajeet Singh

Leadership is not a job it’s an art and sir has mastered it already. Making the coaching institute successful and at the same time making student success by turning their dream true is something bigger than mere leadership. Such dual leadership is being played continuously & with dedication by Director Mr. Ajeet Singh, under his visionary mentorship, his coaching has been flourishing & reached to such a height. 

Studying a subject from a very keen learner from Patna to teaching in known brands like FIIT-JEE & Narayana for more than 12 years, he has got everything in his plate.

He is a true learner and keen observer endowed with GOD gifted qualities, of humor, presence of mind, wittiness and graced with natural talent of teaching. He focuses on holistic metamorphosis there by enriching the cognitive skills of the students from HOW THINGS WORK to WHY THINGS WORK, therefore students call him ‘Ajeet sir’ with love, which in-return become a very popular among IIT aspirants.

He believes students must master their own methods of observing and connecting the dots for faster solutions.

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Ajeetmaths is one of the best coaching institute with a focus on preparing students for IIT-JEE entrance examinations. Ajeetmaths class adopts a scientific and comprehensive approach for selecting a batch of self-motivated, talented and promising students, enhancing their capabilities through regular guidance and developing exhaustive and well researched content according to examination.


Teaching is ineffective until students get effective results and best results will only come until the method of teaching is interesting. And core concept is to make students feel method of approaching the examination through proper strategy and blueprint.


-Stressing specifically upon the concept building portion. The students will be adjudged upon by the faculty team on the basis of their zeal, grasping power and cerebral level. Any further strategy for a particular student will be decided upon by the feedback of this portions. You simply can’t have a solid structure with a weak foundation.
– Things start looking clearer at development stage. Psychological backup and a bit of encouragement will yield fabulous results during this portion. Students will be exposed to scientifically designed tests to incorporate the crutial competitive edge in their studies.
– Equipped with the best of the fundamentals, the student would be exposed to very frequent full length tests in this part of journey. Uneven edges, if any, in his preparation will be field out.

After all, teaching method may vary from student to student but priority of gaining knowledge should be students’ curiosity and the work of a proper mentor is to fulfill that curiosity with proper strategy and knowledge, so that the student could use his whole theoretical concepts in practical approach too. Because “until a knowledge is converted into wisdom… it’s useless”.